Blood-brain barrier (penetrance of molecule)

› Neuroprotection : A good BBB penetration is key for the development of a neuroprotective compounds. Using our BBB model, we can apply your compound into the luminal compartment, representing the blood circulating in the cerebral vascular, and study its effects on neurons in pathological conditions. Our model is compatible with our preclinical model of neurological diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease)

› Drug permeability : Our model is compatible with our intern analytical methods (e.g. UHPLC, Elisa) to quantifying the in vitro plasma-to-brain passage of your molecule.

› BBB integrity : Endothelial tight junction integrity is examined with fluorescent molecule unable to pass a functional BBB (sodium fluorescein). This test is proposed in conjunction with an injury (e.g. amyloid β peptide) and can evaluate whether a compound can preserve and/restore the BBB integrity. Specific immunostaining of tight junctions can be done to deeply study the integrity.