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Neuro-Sys is a research-intensive and innovative organization specializing in pharmacology and in advanced in vitro and in vivo models of neurodegenerative diseases, mode of action research, and drug development in the CNS and PNS fields.

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 EVENT  October 9-10, 2023, London, UK

Neuro-Sys will sponsor and exhibit at the 6th Annual Neuroscience R&D Conference


Our CSO will be giving a talk on:

"Parkinson’s disease: alpha-synuclein toxicity and spreading, in vitro and in vivo models."

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 PUBLICATIONS  August 30, 2022

Alpha-Synuclein: The Spark That Flames Dopaminergic Neurons, In Vitro and In Vivo Evidence

Alexandre Henriques, Laura Rouvière, Elodie Giorla, Clémence Farrugia, Bilal El Waly, Philippe Poindron and Noelle Callizot

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 PUBLICATIONS  August 09, 2022

NX210c Peptide Promotes Glutamatergic Receptor-Mediated Synaptic Transmission and Signaling in the Mouse Central Nervous System

Sighild Lemarchant, Mélissa Sourioux, Juliette Le Douce, Alexandre Henriques, Noelle Callizot, Sandrine Hugues, Mélissa Farinelli and Yann Godfrin

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 POSTERS  August 01, 2022

Poster presentation @AAIC 2022

"Neuroinflammation and microglial activation in Alzheimer’s Disease: in vitro and in vivo models of study."

Poster # N6P42


 POSTERS  July 13, 2022

Poster presentation @FENS 2022

"New in vivo model of Parkinson’s disease involving combined toxicity of alpha-synuclein oligomers and protofibrils, and chronic inhibition of GBA."

Poster # N6P41


 POSTERS  July 12, 2022

Poster presentation @FENS 2022

"Loss of GBA activity exacerbate the toxicity of alpha-synuclein oligomers and protofibrils in an in vitro model of Parkinson’s disease."

Poster # N6P40


 AWARDS  August 29, 2021


Neuro-Sys inc. elected 2021 World's Best CRO of the year by Corporate Live Wire (UK).

We are very proud of this distinction, which congratulates several years of preclinical scientific excellence, the continuous efforts of our team of experts and the significant investments undertaken.

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 PUBLICATIONS  August 30, 2021

NSP01, a green extract of Huperzia serrata with neuroprotective effects related to synergistic action of Huperzine A and polyphenols

Noelle Callizot, Maria-Letizia Campanari, Laura Rouvière, Guillaume Jacquemot, Alexandre Henriques, Elnur Garayev and Philippe Poindron

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 PUBLICATIONS  August 19, 2021

AZP2006, a new promising treatment for Alzheimer’s and related diseases

N Callizot, C Estrella, S Burlet, A Henriques, C Brantis, M Barrier, M L Campanari, P Verwaerde

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 PLATFORMS  March 8, 2021


The histology department is strengthened with the reinforcement of the team and the investment in the latest equipment.

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