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Experts in neurodegenerative preclinical modelling services

Neuro-Sys is a research-intensive and innovative organization specializing in pharmacology and in advanced in vitro and in vivo models of neurodegenerative diseases, mode of action research, and drug development in the CNS and PNS fields.

New model available

New Parkinson's Disease in vivo model

fully validated with compounds in clinical trials

What we do

At Neuro-Sys, we support customers in the discovery of new treatments in the CNS and PNS fields. We provide unique in vitro and in vivo platforms to accurately determine the efficacity of and pharmacological profiling of compounds, to explore their underlying mechanism of action,  and to understand their neuroprotective activity. And we support you by helping you design your programmes, and by providing analysis and advice along the way.


  • In vitro models

  • In vivo models

  • Mode of action

  • Drug development

  • Analytical


  • Biotechnology companies

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Nutraceutical industry

  • Start-ups

  • Academia

Laboratory and our team
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Neuro-Sys ?

  • Expertise and experience of our team of best-in-class neuropharmocologists, physicians, neurologists.

  • Continued investment in research and development.

  • Advanced and innovative models.

  • Ongoing significant investment in the latest equipment and services