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In vitro platforms


in vitro platforms

Our laboratory comprises a unique automated fluorescence microscope platform (composed of 3 latest generation Operetta, Revvity). The platform guarantees accuracy, high frequency, and robust results that can be replicated reliably.​

The team is composed of very experienced engineers capable to make standard and bespoke models on demand.

Brand new

in vivo platforms

Our in vivo facility advances your drug development programmes by providing animal models for testing your candidate molecule and behavioural tests using the latest digital tracking systems.

We use the latest video tracking and automatic analysis technologies (Ethovision software + Noldus technology) in order to study cognitive function. This system is coupled with gold standard protocols for the evaluation of long-term memory (Morris water maze and novel object recognition test) and short-term memory (Y-maze).

In vivo platforms




The platform comprises last generation cryostat (for mice brain sections), frozen sliding microtome to cut embedded tissue in epon (especially for sciatic nerve).

The platform is equipped with a robotised Zeiss LSM 900 confocal microscope for automatic acquisition of high-quality images. Immunofluorescence signal and high content image analysis is generated automatically and studied using MetaXPress software (Molecular Devices).

Histology platform
LPC lesion in the Corpus callosum MS model_2.png



Electromyography (EMG) is used to evaluate motor function by measuring evoked or voluntary action potentials in muscles. Indeed, EMG is an indirect measure of the conduction capacity of the sciatic nerve, to study the lesion and the recovery of motor axons and evaluate the nerve regeneration capacity.

EMG platform



With the support of a highly trained team, our analytical platform profiles the characteristics of biological matrices and quantifies the active compounds:

  • Small molecules.

  • Peptides.

Analytical platform

Automated western blotting platform

WES (Protein Simple) is an automated western blotting system used to separate and analyze proteins by size in 3 hours.

With very high sensitivity, the system can provide quantitative data with a small initial amount of protein.

Our platform is composed of two WES operating in parallel to increase capacity and ensure excellent service continuity. 

Western Blotting platform
Drug Development Advisry

Drug development

platform and advisory

We also provide industry leading expertise as we accompany clients along the drug development lifecycle - from preclinical to early clinical and provide expert guidance on:

  • The design of drug discovery development plan (pre-clinical testing in vitro and in vivo models).

  • The design of preclinical research programs (in vitro/in vivo, mode of action).

  • The preclinical (Pharmacology, PK and ADME) development and early clinical designs (PoC studies).

  • The writing of research projects, investigator brochures (IB), IMPD, ODD submission (FDA/EMA) in neuro indication.

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